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CLAS does not provide its own classes apart from the courses advertised for the yearly CLAS Festival.  It does, however, provide a system of well designed courses for local groups to organise.

These courses are either Ladder of Progress courses – assisting students towards the CLAS National Diploma, or Certificates of Skills – specialist courses focusing on for examples the skills of gilding, or a particular script, which will result in assessment for a certificate.

Detailed information is provided by CLAS to assist groups in co-ordinating these.
While not providing classes throughout the country, the Society can facilitate the search for calligraphy classes by using the CLAS Interactive Map below. This will assist the identification of tutors and groups - local Affiliated Groups - in the area required.
The withdrawal of Government funding for adult education has severely reduced the number of courses available so if you cannot find any tutor in your area, you may now need to travel some distance.

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CLAS Tutors and Groups

Follow this link for clas list Interactive map

Click on the map link and when it appears, find the area required. You will find different symbols. These will be for Affiliated Groups, CLAS Accredited Tutors and CLAS Non accredited tutors.
If you cannot find a tutor in the specific area look for the nearest Affiliated Group and contact them. They will probably know what is available locally and may be able to provide contact details.
You may also find the symbols for the tutors which will also give contact details as well as the area where they will teach and what courses they can provide.

The differences between accredited and non accredited tutors are explained in their requirements indicated below.

There follows a list of tutors who teach to particular standards, whose level of skill is recognised by CLAS and the area where they teach is shown. If what you need is a correspondence course, then see Gaynor Goffe, also listed.

Calligraphy courses on the CLAS List are able to prepare students if they wish to work towards CLAS graded levels of certification – the Certificate of Calligraphy and the National Diploma in Calligraphy at the three levels of Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

Courses in the second section of Calligraphy Courses are taught by those who generally have a good or sufficient standard of calligraphy, but have not had their teaching ability recognised or assessed. These are:

Click here for explanation of differences between CLAS Accredited and
Non-Accredited Tutors.


For Calligraphy Tutors and Tutors' Queries

For further information on CLAS tutors in your area or abroad, or if you are a member of CLAS and would like to have your courses advertised for free on this website page, then please contact:

Rosella Garavaglia learning@clas.co.uk

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