CLAS Exhibition 2019
Living Letters VI : A Way with Words...

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CLAS Exhibition 2019
Living Letters VI : A Way with Words...

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2012: All that Glisters Exhibition at gallery@oxo

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CLAS Living Letters IV Exhibition: All that Glisters

The CLAS Living Letters IV exhibition entitled 'All that Glisters' opened at the prestigious Oxo Gallery on the South Bank in April 2012 before moving to Sunderland and then to Bath.

"All that Glisters" logo was designed by Mary Noble HFCLAS. 

2012: All that Glisters Exhibition at gallery@oxo

Private view

Ninety-seven wonderfully Glistering works of calligraphic and lettering art adorned the walls of the Oxo Gallery admired by throngs of visitors to the Private View. In the absence of Exhibitions Officer Kathy Taylor, laid low by ‘flu, Patricia Lovett welcomed the crowded gathering and spoke on behalf of CLAS to thank all those involved in making this exhibition happen – with special thanks to Manuscript for their donation.

Michelle Brown

World-renowned authority on manuscripts and Honoured CLAS Fellow Michelle
Brown gave an enthusiastic speech to open the exhibition and was presented with a Pat Chaloner engraved glass in thanks.

Malissa Stockbridge

Malissa Stockbridge, Director and Company Secretary of Manuscript Pen Company Ltd, was presented with a bouquet as a token of thanks for the company's
sponsorship of this exhibition.

Viewing works

The exhibition moves to Sunderland then Bath

Bath exhibition

The All that Glisters exhibition in Bath opened on 15th May and has been a resounding success with many visitors and overwhelmingly positive comments from calligraphers and non-calligraphers alike. The light, open gallery and the welcome sunshine in the second week showed the work off to its best advantage.

Bath exhibition
Banners by Lin Kerr hang in the window.

Bath exhibition

Kindly sponsored by the Manuscript Pen Company. We are also most grateful to our generous CLAS Exhibition Patrons

CLAS Living Letters III : Small Objects of Desire

This exhibition, which was administered by Viva Lloyd, ably assisted by her husband David, opened in November 2009 at the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames. It then travelled to Sunderland University for part of January and February 2010.

The size of pieces of work was restricted to A3 when framed. No hard copy catalogue was produced but an Exhibition CD-ROM has been prepared from the artists' own JPGs. Copies may be obtained from CLAS Sales.

Here are some of the exhibitors at the Private View in Walton-on-Thames, with one of their pieces in the background.

Tim Noad Nancy Ouchida Howells Jan Pickett Marion McKenzie Jan Mehigan Tim Noad Michela Antonello Helen Scholes Lin Kerr Mary Noble


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