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Maureen Sullivan

Maureen Sullivan trained part-time in Calligraphy, Heraldry & Illumination at Reigate School of Art & Design under Gerald Mynott, and followed by full-time study at Roehampton University for a BA (Hons) degree in Calligraphy & Bookbinding, graduating in 1997. Maureen was fortunate to have studied under eminent tutors Gaynor Goffe, Tom Perkins, Margaret Daubney, Hazel Dolby, Ewan Clayton and Gerald Fleuss. Maureen became a Fellow of CLAS in 1998 and was elected to Fellowship of The Society of Scribes & Illuminators in 2002.

Maureen was on the Executive Committee of CLAS as Exhibitions Officer for organising its first exhibitions Living I and Livings Letters II. She enjoys working to commission, taking workshops and producing work for exhibition.


  • Craft in Motion: Calligraphy, Maureen Sullivan, Search Press, 2006 ISBN 1-8448-104-2
  • The Illuminated Lettering Kit, Dr. George Thomson, Ivy Press, 2004 (Contributing Author)
  • The Practical Encyclopedia of Calligraphy, Janet Mehigan, Lorenz, 2006 (Contributing Author)

Pieces of work

The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society, 10 Atheling Road, Hythe, Southampton, SO45 6BR


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