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Timothy Noad

From childhood I have loved lettering and heraldry and gained a first class diploma in Calligraphy, Heraldry and Illumination from Reigate in 1986. Since then I have worked as a professional calligrapher and illuminator. I am a Herald Painter at HM College of Arms in London and a Scribe to the Crown Office at the House of Lords and take on many formal commissions for prestigious clients, specialising in work on vellum using traditional gilding and painting techniques alongside calligraphy. In my personal work I like to combine my interest in historical illumination with more contemporary ideas. I teach regular workshops including three CLAS festivals and most recently in Australia and I compiled and taught the CLAS Certificate of Competence in Heraldry. 


  • The Art of illuminated Letters (aka The Illuminated Alphabet), 1994
  • Mastering Calligraphy, 1998  
  • Contributed heraldic illustrations to The British Library Companion to Calligraphy, Illumination and Heraldry by Patricia Lovett, 2000

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