CLAS Fellows and Honoured Fellows


Craft skills are recognised in the award of CLAS Fellowship, the highest rung on the Ladder of Progress.

CLAS Fellows

Those who feel that their skills are at this high level can apply for their work to be assessed for CLAS Fellowship. If you have already taken the CLAS National Diploma in Calligraphy at Advanced level and your mark was 70%+, then you are about the level required to become a CLAS Fellow. Look at the letter, application form and assessment guidelines below.

If you have not taken the CLAS National Diploma in Calligraphy, or work in different media then we require you to take the pieces which you would like to be assessed to a CLAS Honoured Fellow who assesses the CLAS National Diploma in Calligraphy. This is to avoid disappointment if your work is not of the standard, or if you have not fulfilled the assessment requirements. This must be done at least six months before any possible assessment date.

There is no need for nominating and seconding, and no formal exhibition; pieces to be assessed are simply laid out on tables. Although it is an assessment, we endeavour to make the experience as pleasant as it can be and try to be helpful and constructive in our approach. 

There are special arrangements for overseas applicants (please see pdf below).

More information on how to become a CLAS Fellow

pdf-fileApplying for CLAS Fellowship - what is involved
pdf-fileCLAS Fellowship Assessment
pdf-fileCLAS Fellowship Application Form

Fellows and Honoured Fellows of CLAS

Cherrell Avery 1998
   Information & Gallery · Website
Dorothy Avery (Honoured Fellow)
Michela Antonello 2015
Tom Barnard (Honoured Fellow)
Gemma Black (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Professor Michelle Brown (Hon Fellow)
Renowned Academic in Palaeography
field who supports CLAS

Denis Brown (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Anne Cox 1997
Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley MBE
   Website (Honoured Fellow)
Ewan Clayton MBE (Honoured Fellow)
Dr Christopher de Hamel (Hon Fellow) Renowned in Palaeography
Dr Ian Garrett (Honoured Fellow)
Rosella Garavaglia 2015
Gaynor Goffe (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Sylvie Gokulsing 2001
Marlene Gray 2007
   Information & Gallery · Website
Peter Halliday (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
David Harris (Honoured Fellow)
Ann Hechle (Honoured Fellow)
Dee Howley Gibbs 1997
   Information & Gallery
Jan Jeffreys 2001
Terry Johnson 2002
   Information & Gallery
Caroline Keevil 2017
Dr Tom Kemp (Honoured Fellow)
Lin Kerr 2002
   Information & Gallery · Website
Celia Kilner (Honoured Fellow)
Susie Leiper 2006
   Information & Gallery
Linda Lewis 2015
Celia Lister 2003
   Information & Gallery · Website

Manny Ling (Honoured Fellow)
Vivien Lunniss 2006
David McGrail 1998
   Information & Gallery
Marion McKenzie 2009
   Information & Gallery
Janet Mehigan (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery
Margaret Morgan 2002
   Information & Gallery · Website
Timothy Noad (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Mary Noble (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Nancy Ouchida-Howells (Hon Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Dr Stella Panayotova (Hon Fellow)
Curator of Manuscripts, Fitzwilliam Museum.
Tom Perkins (Honoured Fellow)
  Information & Gallery · Website
Jan Pickett 2002 (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Katharina Pieper (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery · Website
Penny Price (Honoured Fellow)
Ros Pritchard 1997
   Information & Gallery · Website
Alan Quincey (Honoured Fellow)
   Information & Gallery
Michael Rust 1997
   Information & Gallery · Website
Jan Sambell 2017
Helen Scholes 2010
   Information & Gallery · Website
Izumi Shiratani 2002
Cathy Stables 2010
   Information & Gallery · Website
Annet Stirling (Honoured Fellow)
Maureen Sullivan 1998
   Information & Gallery
Brian Walker (Honoured Fellow)
Dr Martin Wenham (Honoured Fellow)
Clare Whittaker 2006
   Information & Gallery
Rachel Yallop (Honoured Fellow)
Loredana Zega 2015

CLAS Honoured Fellows

CLAS Honoured FellowsHonoured Fellowship of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society is a singular honour. It is the Society's way of recognising outstanding people in the whole field of Calligraphy and Lettering. Invitation to accept Honoured Fellowship is made to those whose commitment, contribution and work has enriched the discipline. It is not for what they have done for themselves, but what they have done for others which is the test. Honoured Fellowship goes beyond craft skills to embrace those human qualities which mark out those who are very special and for whom the Society wishes to demonstrate its regard.

The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Honoured Fellows are established letterers of national and international repute. Their work is well known by being shown at major exhibitions, included in books and collections of calligraphy, and they will be commissioned by individuals, companies, organisations and charities so their work is seen by the public. They will also have been seen to leave their mark on the world of calligraphy and lettering and CLAS in particular.

Because of their high reputation Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Honoured Fellows have no need to present an exhibition of their work & are not asked to do so.

The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society is a democratic society and thus any member can propose a letterer of high repute for CLAS Honoured Fellowship. Nominations are considered by the Management Committee. Agreement by the committee results in a letter of invitation being sent to the prospective Honoured Fellow. Honoured Fellowship brings with it no other special rights or privileges.

Past Fellows of CLAS

Fred Marns (1933-2013) Mary White (1926-2013)
Anne Irwin (1935-2011) Pat Russell (1919-2011)
Lorna Bambury (1929-2009) Prof Hans-Joachim Burgert (1928-2009)
Margaret Daubney (1945-2006) Freda Titford (1924-2013)
Jean Larcher [France] (1947-2015) Herman Zapf (1918-2015)
Pat Chaloner (2018)  


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