Subscriptions & Payments

There are now several ways you can pay your annual subscription, make a donation or pay for other services.

Direct Debit: This is now our preferred method of payment if you are a UK resident and have a UK bank account as it is easier for all parties.

Cheques: Although banks are phasing out cheques we are still happy to accept them.

Credit cards and PayPal: If other payment methods are not possible then we can accept credit card payments. Overseas members however can join or renew their membership by this method at no extra cost. New members will need to print out and complete an application which is available by clicking here.

Direct bank transfer: If you are happy to pay this way email our membership secretary and she will send you bank details and, importantly, a reference code for you to use. When you set your payment up please do not forget to insert this code when you are asked for a reference. Do not insert any other words such as "subscription". If you also want to include a donation please just add it to your subscription and we will understand what the extra is for.


To renew your membership by Direct Debit click here to go to the set-up page.

To renew your membership by credit card or PayPal click here to go to our new, easy-to-complete payments page.

New members please note, nothing can be sent to you until you have sent us your application form even if we have received payment.

Donations and other payments

If you would like to make a payment or a donation to the charity you may do it below.

Please tell us what the payment is for
How much are you paying (in UK pounds)
First Name
Last name
Post code

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