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To purchase items select the number of each that you require then complete the form at the bottom of the page. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

NEW CLAS apron - £10.00

NEW Tote bag - £10.00
Tote Bag

Nibs - 65p each for Round Hand, Left Handed 
and Tape nibs

EF Principal Nibs for Copperplate - £1.00 each


Bookbinder’s 6” genuine (cow) Bone Folder - £6 Bone folder

Bookbinder’s 6” Bone Folder (plastic) for paper creasing - £2 Bone folder

CLAS Tool roll - £14 Tool roll

CLAS Dutching Tool for Curing Quills - £12.00 each
Hand-made by CLAS member Alan Jenkins. The convenient way to make feathers into quills. Instructions included.

Dutching Tool

CLAS Lightweight Tote Bag
Tote Bag

Gum Ammoniac - 25 grams
£9 per packet

Van Dyke Crystals - 30 grams
£1.50 per packet

Ground Gum Sandarac - 25 gms
£4.50 (no offers of 50 gms)

Calcium Sulphate di-hydrate for making gesso (Slaked plaster) 50gms
£3.50 per packet


Flake White for making gesso 50gms
£4.50 per packet


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If you want more than the form allows please contact Marion at If you prefer to pay by cheque then make it payable to CLAS and send it to CLAS Sales: Marion Mckenzie, 10 Atheling Road, HYTHE, Hampshire, SO45 6BR remembering to add postage: UK £3.00, Europe £4.95, Rest of the world £7.55.

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